Door Dream


Late at night a dream does call,
An unconscious release of pain,
Or is it just an echo of,
Those memories that remain,
Sometimes it seems these dreams point out,
We grow used to being alone,
Acquiring the unreasonable fear,
That it’s easier being unknown.
I see a person look at me,
Light shining from their eyes,
To scared to feel anything,
Yet it’s not the heart that lies,
Conditioned by the years of pain,
Are we lost inside the past,
Afraid of adding to the pain,
So we live in the shadows cast.
Could this dream be a sign,
That our demons are self made,
That if we can’t escape the past,
Are our nightmares then replayed,
Circumstance can make us think,
We’re happier behind the walls,
Then why in dreams do we escape,
To a place where happiness calls.
This dream it seems shows a path,
That leads from another’s heart,
More and more the walls come down,
To emphasise the start,
In this dream we’re not apart,
The heart holds you in it’s core,
And if we can not open up,
We’re hidden behind the door.
Each day we look at what we have,
And the desires and dreams we hold,
But there is more than being alone,
Tomorrow need not be sold,
Together we might just have a chance,
To change what for so long has been,
And there are places we could go,
But locked doors won’t let us in.
Doors open up inside our dreams,
A place where I hold you,
And though the doors need a key,
Love can let us through,
Inside the dream is a heart,
The one thing that is true,
Locked inside a living hell,
And this heart belongs to you.

March 27th,2016

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