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Picture Perfect

to Marcy Howard

It seems, right now, all I have, is a picture, of your face,
And the endless, memories, this life, can not erase,
No matter, what, may come along, no matter, what I must endure,
I understand, what I’ve found, and of one thing, I am sure.
Many people, never see, love shining, from her eyes,
Even though, it seems she keeps, this love, in a disguise,
The fact, she makes the effort, proves, that love, is there,
I just, can not imagine, the pain,’s not there.
Though, we both, can feel, the pain, of things, this way,
A picture, keeps me going, as it does, every day,
Though, you try, to dim the light, it burns, brighter, still,
The question, isn’t whether you won’t, the question’s, if you will.
A picture, of your smiling face, a picture, with shining eyes,
I see, the sparkle, dancing through, those eyes, before, they cry,
If, this picture’s, all I have, it will have, to be enough,
To carry me, through, these lonely nights, the memories, so tough.
I have the dream, on which to hold, With this picture, it’s alive,
And through, the darkness, of the night, if I hold her, I’ll survive,
If you look, it might, seem sad, if a picture’s, what you’re told,
But I believe, I’m a lucky man, with this picture, I now hold.
              Love lives.Forever!!!!!!!



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