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While we travel through our lives,
We deal with happiness and loss,
Pain and pleasure come along,
With what we’ve won and what we’ve lost,
At times good things come along,
To compensate for the bad,
As memories conjure up the past,
Illuminating emotions we still have.
At times a thought makes smiling easy,
But memories can also cause pain,
If it feels nothing’s left inside,
Has caring left it’s stain,
We feel our hearts still beating,
So a void need not survive,
There’s something living inside of us,
That though ignored is still alive.
Though at times we might feel empty,
What does a broken heart hide,
While no one really needs to know,
What emotions live inside,
If love is inside growing,
Can this hollow feeling leave,
Will the mind allow the heart,
To in this love believe.
Though a heart might grow weary,
Or we might feel empty inside,
Happiness lies within our grasp,
But at times it likes to hide,
It’s not what matters to our neighbor,
What’s important inside of you,
Who and what lives inside your dreams,
Who makes those dreams come true.
At times we look around us,
Jealous of what others possess,
Forgetting what we already have,
Making belief seem less,
Can we believe in something intangible,
That though unseen still is real,
A dream that refuses to die,
Because it’s emotion that we feel.
If every morning that we awake,
We ask ourselves do we still care,
If every day the answer’s yes,
We’re not hollow love’s in there,
Acknowledge what you feel inside,
Remember that it lives,
And if love is all that’s left alive,
Love’s all you have to give.

January 30th, 2017

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