Jour beni

Blessed Day

A birthday greeting poem from a guest poet Jess Gopez, a Tau Tau Alpha fraternity brother

    Jour beni
C’est ton jour
Où tu es né
Un sacré jour
Joie apportée
Années écoulées
Amour et amitié
Famille créee
Amis trouvés
Architecte devenu
Créer concévoir
Bâtir réaliser
Monde amélioré
Vie bien remplie
Défaites triomphes
Tristesse et allegresse
Quel jour beni !
(c)Jess Gopez 10.14.2922
(Roughly in English)
        A blessed day
It’s your day
When you were born
On a sacred day
That brought us joy
Over the years
Love and friendship
A family created
Friendships flourished
Architect you became
Create conceive
Construct realize
A better world you made
A full life
The agony of defeats
The elation of triumphs
Indeed a blessed day !
(c)Jess Gopez 10.14.2022
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Yes a joy of a time that blessed day I was born. Over the years love abound and friendship flourished. I became an architect and built a family. Designed and built shelters to improve the world we live in. Quite a full life. Busy. There were joys of success and agonies of defeat. Such was my fate from that blessed day I was born.

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