We Grow Older At Heart

october song

we continue to celebrate life ...we do not outlive birthdays... ndr
“The longer I live the more beautiful life becomes.” – Frank Lloyd Wright
             We Grow Older At Heart
                        october song
We look at ourselves there on the shadow
Hardly anything new but memories
Echos of yesterday year in year out
Moon after sun sun after moon repeat
Into dark deep space we see squint our eyes
Jubilant in the golden field meadows
Celebrations of the seasons of life
The griefs of loss lamented accepted
Faithfully sketched out for our lifetime
We gained wisdom a sense of worldliness
The shadow of time lingers on each year
We mature skin worn wrinkled old at heart
Proud of the knowledge gained a power shared
And proud still watching the night shooting stars
Joyful listening to the songbirds sing
Each moment of the song enrapturing
Dancing singing with our angel of love
Showered we are with the glitters of stars
Humbled by God’s graces we grow accept
No age reversal in the paths we take
At all times with our spirit our wishes
We fear not the dark depths of getting old
We wake up see the sun tracing the dark
Walls of our room... we see familiar things
That make us smile grow older blissfully
Ah... our October song of remembrances
We sing this song happily with nature
Each note promises glorious days ahead
Each falling golden leaf primes a blooming
Transcends the magical winter meadows
Into open fields of resplendent dreams
Soaking the sunlight feeding our old hearts
With memories of the good times we had
Wisdom our beloved angels of life shared
In our hearts  will live to the end of time
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keep enjoying sunny days...smile during rainy days
“Thru cloud and sunshine Lord abide with me”

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