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Her Eyes

Her eyes, mirthful in the morning sun, reflected the bliss of a dolphin racing his companions through the depth of endless ocean waters. They literally laughed with joy when she was happy.

The color of her irises, that strange mixture of blue and gray of the ocean waves, as they rush towards the shore, in between the deep waters, where one feels the need to swim, and the shallow thrashes of foam on the sand; in that place where one can still feel the bottom beneath his feet, to stand, with his arms wide open, and be lulled by the gentle swells of the energy building and pulsing as the water is pulled to meet the shore.

And those streaks of yellow that marble  the blue-gray all around... its like rays of sun penetrating water’s top layer, turning it green and reflecting playful bright ripples on the skin. Ripples, riplets of light that beckon him farther and farther into the deep, where he loses ground from under his feet, as he realizes too late, that he is being pulled out by the riptide to the open sea, bottomless, unpredictable, violent. But at this point he doesn’t care, he is happy to drown in those eyes, be the willing victim of the siren’s call.

Her pupils, those pits of doom, black moons that search his soul... As she fixes her eyes on him, everything else disappears. If she takes her gaze from him, she pulls his soul out as she turns away.

©Olga Gavrilovskiy 2013

dolphin, drowning eyes, ocean, sea, sunlight, waves,

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