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Seeds Of Songs

For the one who's been away for far too long

Slender branches bathed in sunlight,
Arms reach for the skies.
Carefree flutter of wings
Gather around my offering,
Seeds of songs in the palms
Of my outstretched hands,
To send a missive with a winged courier,
A brave little soul
That will keep going
As long as it takes
In search
Of the traveling minstrel
Whose wandering star
Took him far and away
From the shade of my friendship.
How I miss
The comforting presence,
Back to back,
Fingers gently
Passing over heart strings,
Melody reverberating
At the core,
Causing the spirit to flower,
Seeds of songs
For the fluttering birds
To take to the soaring skies.
©Olga Gavrilovskiy 2020

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