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You Left

To the suicide

Tormented soul seeds turmoil.
One with storm in the heart
Brings rain.
You forced Death’s hand.
He is a gentle taker,
Guiding you for the last time
To a forgotten summit.
I saw you there,
By the lonely corpse of a tree,
Mist-piercing spire.
From the grave emerging
Gray mast of the ghost ship
That sails to Beyond.
I am left on this side of the Veil.
You chose to leave,
I stay with the living.
You found peace
In the sanctuary of a headstone,
At a grave price.
One truth hasn’t changed,
You stood alone then,
You shroud yourself
In the fog of loneliness now.
Wrap yourself in it
Like a soft, comforting cape,
As your image and memory
From the thoughts of those
Who know you
Slowly fade.
The last sunrise has set on your journey.
Your word was final.
And the tears of those who can't understand,
Tears of innocent flowers,
Will be left unsaid.
©Olga Gavrilovskiy 2015

death, loneliness, memory rejection, suicide,

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