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For all those who have faded out of my life

Pale turquoise-gray sea
Lamenting departure that happened without a sound.
Pale-gray sadness of sky
Can’t stop its monotonous song
Echoed in the void
Of this pale-empty room.
Thoughts light,
And empty of grief, anger, desire...
Fingers, tired and heavy,
Mindlessly wander piano accords,
Pecking out just three notes,
Just three keys,
Just three words:
And over,
And again...
Staccato of raindrops and crashing of waves
Fall in rhythm with the melody,
And my heart stops, for a beat,
My muse is here no more.
After torture, torment and tears
Comes clarity.
Letting go,
Sometimes it’s the hardest thing,
At times light as a feather.
Spirit again finds tranquility,
Absence will not last for long.
With a solid presence,
Caring gaze,
Hands warm
My muse will be back,
Embodied in another’s soul.
©Olga Gavrilovskiy 2015

Friendship, betrayal, emptiness. love,

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