Mother’s lullaby, the sweetest sound
That eases the anxiety from all around,
Music of a thousand violins playing,
In unison in voice of an angel praying,
All in reverence to one little voice,
From the pipes of mother we rejoice.
One simple lullaby to ease the pain,
Feels as soothing as the merciful rain.
No more loneliness or a feeling of sorrow.
What was then will go away tomorrow,
As I can still hear that familiar lullaby,
And feel the tears from mother by and by.
Now I can fall to sleep like a baby again.

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Robert L. Martin
9 months

Thanx Charlotte. I can still hear the soothing sounds of my mother's lullaby from many many years ago. She wasn't the best of singers, but to me she sounded beautiful.

Charlotte B. Williams
9 months

What a sweet, and soothing poem. Just one of your many gems Robert.

Robert L. Martin
9 months

Thanx Nelson. I wrote this for the May 2nd issue (Mothers Day) of "The Belt and Beyond."

Nelson D Reyes
9 months

We are tethered with love to our dear mother from womb to eternity with literal and spiritual umbilical cord.
Her caring love is always there in her lullaby. We give back by falling asleep.

Beautiful poem. Like.
Thanks Robert.

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