That Human Touch

The lonely passage in the overture called for the violins to join in and embrace the sound like lovers in their joyful compelling moment, that unified bliss.  They didn’t look for the opening.  They just felt the vibrations in their hearts.
Each player climbed inside the others’ sound to caress it.  With his utmost sensitivity and compassion, he guided his fingers along the neck as he massaged his violin like a mother to her newborn.
The music poured out through his heart, into his enchanted ears, then down and through his fingers.  They danced with the music as they caressed the lonely sound that spoke through its unifying gratitude.
They all joyfully and tenderly stroked their bows with precision across the waist, breathing, loving, singing, rejoicing, as they moved together like the wind blown barley in the field.
Each to his own, then
A part of the whole
Playing together, while
Losing himself to that
Unified spirit, the one that
Stirs his heart
That human touch
That human devotion to
The love of music

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Cory Garcia
about 6 years


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