The Cradle
Rock-a-bye my sweet, little baby
Momma’s here, your merciful lady
Your eyes so harkened my tender arms
Reaching forth with tears and charms
With soft clouds afloat and angels lifting
Sweet incense pervading through love’s sifting
All heaven is a mixture of wants and dreams
Of majestic hills and quiet rolling streams
Come forth little one with tears in your eyes
With heart so pounding as sound magnifies
I can hear every flower singing to the dawn
And the fare thee well for when day is gone
On thy smooth ascension to my arms open wide
Listen to the lullabies of the angels on your side
For their voices ring out through open doors
Like lyres in their weeping upon golden floors
When darkness comes and thy breath no more
Spaces open up to reveal heaven’s lore
The book of life and life beyond the blue
Tell of permanent vistas and infinity so true
My velvet arms but sturdy so able
Shall lift thee up into my cradle
Fear no more my little one
I’ll be here when day is done

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