Heaven’s Delineation

Is heaven exactly sixty four and a third miles up from earth, forty three miles in length, thirty two miles high, and twenty seven miles wide?
Does it have high walls and barbed wire around it?  Does it have a sign saying, “Private Property, No Trespassing?”
Will the man holding the rifle outside, let you in if you ate your vegetables or helped an old lady across the street?  Does he even care if you did all those things, or does he just shoot on sight without asking any questions?
Does heaven float down to earth once in a while and enter into dens of wayward passion to pleasure the senses?  Is it the sweet nectar that passes through carnal lips on its ecstatic journey?  Is it in the battle cry of the warrior, brandishing his bloody sword?  Is it an evil being that swoops down and gathers you up for a hearty meal?
Does it come to all who punish those who choose their own way to worship?  Does it only come to black people, or white people, Orientals, Latinos, rich people, or poor people?
Or does it tame itself and come to a place where kindness and peace prevail?  
Is it in a virgin smile, a child’s eyes, a sunlit day, or a merciful rain shower?
Is it a place where only those who can see the unseen can bear witness to it?  Does it only reveal itself through death? Is it a place where religions look to find their way?  Is it the Kingdom that appears before the faithful, the ones that follow the course of love, the peacemaker of all religions?
I believe in a benevolent heaven and the pure, unbiased, love of God.

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Cory Garcia
over 6 years


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