With Your Assistance

In our old age there comes a time
When we can’t find the words to rhyme.
With your assistance, you can surely help.
Words don’t come as easy as__________.
When we were young, we didn’t have to think.
Words were there waiting for us to_________.
For young writers, words are easy to find.
When I was young, they were__________.
Our memories are there, but it’s hard to create.
We remember actions, but forget___________.
Old poets need help to find the proper word.
With your help, you can________________.
I know you can do it, because I used to know
Good rhyming words that were___________.
There are millions of words waiting for us
In our sub-consciousness that we_______.
I know you must be a fine poet like I was.
I could pick words out of the__________.
I could charm the ladies with the words I knew.
They would smile when I said_____________.
But when old age came, they stopped smiling.
And the words seemed to fade like________.
I lived a good life with the words that I wrote,
When in my early years I________________.
Then I started losing the words that could rhyme,
But with your help I can___________________.
Thank you for your assistance for writing this poem.
I know it will be great when__________________.

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