If they only knew, what goes through my head everyday
Always searching for the words to say
The righteous way
A feeling of decay that makes me drift further away
A pain in my chest, the suffocation
The will to live, breathe again, my determination
It takes concentration
To keep focused on staying alive
It’s like taking another breath only to die
A feeling that will never subside, it controls the fight
I’ll never beat it, but I’ll never lose
The feelings I feel tame and confuse
I’m supposed to mend, myself to fit their wishes
But whenever I try my feeling switches
To that of what I always dream of
The sky, the light, the stars above
I may never reach my destination
And the only way out is self contamination
A damnation, of all those who have
The feelings that I feel and the dreams within our grasp
There is no map, to the stars beyond
We must draw out our own and keep living on
To fight those that we love, to fight those that we hate
It’s your determination that decides your fate
I may not wear a cape, or have super human strength
I’m only me that’s destined to wait
Destined to rise
I won’t fall under their spell, I won’t be hypnotized
Cut fourth through your cries, and violent terrors in the night
You’ll understand why, if you clear your eyes
Take a look at me and take in my size
I’m small and tired, but I am not weak
I’m constantly fighting to bring forward the good in me
That’s what I want seen
Not my past or mistakes
Not the brokenness, or the suffocation or the heartaches
I want to be seen, as I’ve come to understand
The worlds colors are bright, and have never been bland
I fight for my spirit, as you must fight for yours
The blood has dripped, and hate drips from our pores
The wind shall whip and slam some doors
Just rip them back open, I’ll lend you my force
What strength that I have, even as I lay dying on the floor
Leave me there or help me move forward; the choice is yours.


Decay; Damnation; Hurt; Stars; Dreams

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