Nails dig deep when squeezed
Tightly against our bodies as we finally seize
Marking our palms in the color we bleed
Sticky red stains are all to be seen
Who could’ve ever expected something less than outstanding
When it comes to our children’s education demanding
Certain qualities and modesties that require some damaging
The damages come to the kids’ brains
Dropping out is the only way
Though we clasp our hands and fall short in vain
Insanity, insane
A robot remains
Veins popping before our eyes
Something gruesome in disguise
They feed us lies
And we leave our mouths open
Expecting, awaiting for more of a portion
We know this is a battle
We know this is a war
The young sit tired, drained
The old put out on sheets of white
Marked like the trains that pass through at midnight
The skylight
The highlife
The lively costs
The night sky
We see life
We see death
Living a dream
With nothing left
These old clocks keep ticking
Downing us with sickening
Stillness, awaiting
Cursing then praying
Who are we to stand in the way
We don’t want the costs yet we do not obey
As though it was written in the blood of the lost
Obeying and believing
Are not the same
Yet have the same cost
Condemning another is a fateful loss
You soon find out you’re not the boss
It was never an option; no top dog
Merely a smear on the pavement when it comes to the drop
We all have our places
Our places may change
But the souls inside each and everyone of us
Will always remain
And if detained upon your belief
Strike your foe and place your feet
It’s one step forward
One giant leap
A soul is expensive
A life is cheap


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