You could have so much more
If only you’d try
You could climb the highest mountains
You could reach the sky
You know I’m right
But you are terrified
Of falling once again
Of facing yourself in the mirror
And seeing the cracks
The cracks of your shell
Your strength and beauty
Though people try they’re never soothing
Because you won’t accept the fact
That you have to try
You have to fall before you can fly
You wouldn’t have height
Air pressure
To keep flight
Gravity would take advantage
Of every possible thing
You’d fall faster than the rain
You couldn’t answer on the first ring
Crashing like thunder
And burning like a lightning strike
It would be careless
If you never thought
Of the consequences
If you were to get caught
But risks are worth it
Beating gravity is pushing it
They say it can’t be done
But they have no idea just how strong
We are
We can hold up the rainbows
We can paint the skies
We can fight like storms
Thunder is our battle cry
We’d love to have everyone on our side
Fighting the pull back to the ground
But some souls are lost
And should never be found
We are no better
As you are as well
So instead of flying
You have already fell
Flat on your face
Blindness conceived
Just because you wouldn’t try
You just couldn’t believe


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