Do you think I want to live this way?
Constantly wishing I was able to stay
Constantly dreaming and hoping for a cure
Always doubting myself; always unsure
Which path is right, and which path I’m on
Am I living this right or am I doing this wrong
I just want to mean something, to be something that’s good
And all I mean is nothing and I’m misunderstood
Do I stumble on my words, do I trip on my tongue?
Do you remember who I am who I was when I was young?
Have you forgotten my name, have you forgotten my face?
The lines under my eyes to many to trace
If you haven’t yet, soon you will
Because my face is a disease that makes you ill
The way I live, the way I feel
Always has to be hidden and that’s the deal
Do you think I like, not being myself?
Always ashamed and all pain is felt
Play your cards right, deal your soul
Take what you can; take my whole
Being, dreaming, take me as I am
You’ll also have to deal, with imperfect stance
Love like a savior, hate like a ghost
My darkness is darker than most
The blackness is coming, to take me away
Do you think I want to live this way?
Constantly knowing that I was never meant to stay


Love; Hate; Savior; Ghost; Lying

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