Fuck this world, fuck your hate
I think you’re making me, go insane
Why you ask, I don’t know
Tell me why, you’re so cold
You’re so cruel, you put so many
Trough the test
Leave out the rest, you shun the unknown
You try to take, everything I own
But you won’t get me, or my soul
I might be odd, I might be weird
But I’m not someone you should fear
I know I’m different, and you don’t like
The way I dress, and the way I fight
But it’s who I am, I won’t change
Just for all you people, who always stay the same
You never except, you look away
Now look at the skies as they turn grey
The shadows will pass, over all the hearts
The ones who thrive and the ones the starve
We will be here, through it all
Watching you live and watching you fall
We won’t back down, or at least I won’t
Something I do, is something you don’t
I’ll live on, I’ll be free
I’ll be standing while you bow on one knee
You’ll lose this war, you’ll lose this fight
Take it too far, you’ll lose your life
I know the risks, I know the pain
I know what it’s like, to rip out your veins
To rip out your heart, to have no soul from the start
You fall apart, the stitching unwinds
The screaming is heard, through all the lies
You try to replace, the things you’ve lost
But your life will end and that’s the cost
If you ever feel, like you live a lie
Go for a new and don’t ask why
It’ll be alright
You will see watch me live and leave me be
I’m myself, that’s all I know
I’ll be this way, till I grow old
You can’t take this from me, I’m my own
If you ever try, you’ll find out what it’s really like to be all alone.


Betrayal, Rage, Spite, Strength, Transition, Responsible

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