I thought it’d last forever;
I thought this experience would bow to me
Flowing like my favorite songs.
I heard them say I owned this world
Maybe the words came out wrong .
There’s so much now in front of me,
I can’t see the forest for possibility
So great a task, timeless a void;
What am I expecting to save me?
Where to now?
It falls, like sweat from my brow;
Seconds dripping away
Into wasted days;
Who said school days prepped us for now?
It feels like 18 years a drought.
The destination lives in hopes and dreams
But the light slowly burns out.
Has it always been this way;
How shielded were we every day?
Forming our groups in the the halls,
Remember when we had it all?
We’d watch the trees bloom through spring
Burn out and whither away;
The roots parable deeper to truth
Than we hoped we would know.
It comes again into my mind
As I grow up on my own.


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