They spear-point launches from the shaft;
Remember all this day.
When shackles learned we could outlast
And in their pride did fall away.
From below we found the will to rise;
Yet we’ve been here all along.
Holding our tongues when it seemed wise,
Taking beatings; standing strong.
We do not come to change the world at large,
Simply the one within our gaze;
To reaffirm the powers in charge,
And make our way through rigid haze.
A quiet rebellion for the kin
We hold ourselves responsible to.
We become martyrs in an attempt to win;
In the end, it’s the least one could do.


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over 7 years

Thanks man, I'm happy you enjoyed it!

Max Leopeng
over 7 years

The second last stanza is beautiful, I love it.

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Max Leopeng

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