My head is swimming
Too many voices, no losing
No winning
I am a drug, you can’t stop taking me in
I am a thug, tearing at your skin
I seem to be all but what I want to be
What happened to being nothing but me?
I don’t understand, what’s with all these plans
Im everything out there except my own man
And I can’t see who I am but I see what they all want
Perfection and dogma, expenses paid up front
And I just don’t know what they expect me to do
And it’s screaming and piercing and tearing me through
That I never know just which way to skew
To reach a good standing with the milleu
In my head and throughout
What’s all this semantic about
I yell and I tell and it doesn’t do much
I’m knee deep in hell and too far out of touch
But I won’t fall to this, I have to stand strong
And prove to them all that for once I’m not wrong


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Najiyah C
over 7 years

Whoa dude!


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