A different sound, I stir with motion;
Follow the path of stairs through broken glass,
My mission:
Clean the sidewalk of the eggshells all the birds have left
Sweep up the landmines, they’re best used for war;
It comes again, a warm wrap at my door.
Did you really make the climb
Up to this house of mine?
I laugh: alright;
I’ll let you in this time
Secretly hoping I won’t regret it.
Your face screamed humanity,
No angel nose pointed up to the sky
Or devils chain staring hungrily, ready to claim me.
And how we talked and laughed, it seemed like ages passed
Then you left exactly as you came;
But I feel a little lighter just the same .
A knock again, you haven’t had enough?
That’s a new feeling to me.
With all of this baggage and stuff
There’s still wonder in what you see;
That speaks to me.
I wonder, will you be a friend, maybe something more?
I hope the best, but in the end will see,
As long as you still come to visit me.
Anchor me down
I’m too close to the moon;
Put me back on the ground
It’ll never be too soon.
Smiles come knocking at my door
It’s so hard to keep them out anymore;
I feel a little lighter.


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