A copper-colored city imbues a residue.
Partially immersed in fluctuating waters,
I held you above the surface.
Are you still breathing?
A creature gnashes at a stranger.
Infectious in its intent,
Rodent-like and drenched in madness,
It lunges for his throat.
He turns to me with a sinister grin.
Eyes are slipping from their sockets.
Are my eyes deceiving me?
I capture the simulacrum of life
Far from hope of shelter.
A coastline disappears.
Moisture descends like curtains
To bond the sea and sky.
I shed my skin in welcome
Of the blithe smile seeping.  
Thrust am I by my merciless mind
To another bewildering scene.
Gears are spinning as I ascend
Another constructed obstacle.
The future appears through a medium
Of glass, translucent and revealing.
We spoke.
Anatomized, she was thus appeased.
Forsaken was I upon a stone
Without the luxury of ether.
I passed the years observing the rhythm
Of a heart impoverished of flesh.
Over many crystalline moons,
Perhaps I haunted the corridors
Of her preoccupied cognizance.
Shrouded, she appeared
Bearing shiny needles,
Weaving golden thread.
She reformed the cavernous fissure
As I drifted from sleep within sleep.
I floated over a coven
Who dined beneath the surface.
Devoured they the salt
To clear the stinging water,
To better see my eyes
As oxygen abandons me.
I held you above the surface.
Are you still breathing?


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