The Velvet Curtain

Air was held perfectly suspended
And the wind waited like the beams
Of light that burned in imperishability
To finally merge with yours;
Reaching across what lies beyond
The observable universe
As nothing that could bear a name,
As nothing that could be explained
But through what denied the denial of truth.
And it watches from every loving thought
Ever kept in copses of color
Within the iris of your beauty.
And the hand is stayed
In the motion of a river
Running through my mind
Like a sunrise blazing
With auspicious rays
Of coral and liquiform gold.
The thought keeps
Pounding through the stratum
Of what I would do
When the labrum of your lips
Parted like a rift in space
And opened like the vaults
That held the most precious of words;
What I would do to feel them
Upon me like a hungry kiss
Surging through the tunnels,
Diving into the deepest pools
Of the boundless human appetite.
And the land is made
Of coruscant chambers
Built in the writhing archways
Of your anacreontic body.
Traversing lower,
A little slower -
It pierces the air
In a distant stare
And gazes into the élan vital
Of what I covet most.
Sayeth unto me
What comparison could thrive
In a Sapphic mind
When the night is drenched
With the tension held inside
The oracular tone
Of a woman’s moan?
And I want to know
The pulsation of a great elation
Rising in your every craven gyration,
Sleeping like an esurient tigress
In your lodestar eyes.
And I listen to the song that sings
To the ships of labyrinths
Winding and ever-finding
The light that burns their sails.
I want to blaze through the corridors
Of every sybaritic sensation
Extravasating behind the velvet curtain
Drawn by the versed hands
Of feminine intuition.
I want to feel it like the air suspended
In what has traveled beyond
The observable universe
As that which has no name,
As that which shook the earth
In its commanding presence;
As that which cradled eternally
Every loving thought
Ever kept in copses of color
Within the iris of your beauty.

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