The Mind that Lived in Rainbows

My hands are shaking.
My mind said its farewells
And sprouted its wings.
I watched it defiantly fly
Out the window of my memories,
And it laughed.
It flew beyond a rainbow-colored arch
And left me like an empty hallway,
Staring down a narrow confinement
Without a dream.
Darling, would you look at me?
I feel you in the pulse of pulses.
You swim through me as life.
You live in me as love.
My hands are shaking.
I’m losing myself,
And I’m far too quiet.
I’ve got the dead man’s stare;
That solemn retreat while gazing
At hawks floating in their gyres.
But I find a reason to smile.
I smile with the mouth
That would send with its touch
The maps of human experience.
So you could feel it upon your skin,
So you could know it within.
Maybe I’m somebody special.
And from the honeyed words
That dance upon your silver tongue,
Tell those staring stars I love you.
I close my wearied eyes
And see you in the night.
Are you dreaming with me?
If I reached to touch your heart
Would you feel mine pounding?
It’s exploding in my ears
And all these dissipating fears
Remind me I am human.
It’s like watching the sun rise
And silently laughing at the sky.
Because it’s music only you can hear,
And everything floats backwards
To be breathed in like air,
And you’re not even high.
My hands are shaking.
Fuck me, I’m losing it,
And I’m far too quiet.
I heard it through the radio
While the sun hid its face,
Coy with its sheepish grin.
Will it ever look at me again?
Do you hear it calling, too?
I’ll meet you at the ocean
Standing on wave-washed stones.
I’ll meet you in a desert
Sleeping in tectonic bones.
Just say you will.
I’d tell you the secret
Father time is keeping
And then we’ll live like clouds.
These memories of glass
Shattered when we collided.
Those multicolored shards;
The life that they provided.
But now I have a dream
That paints these canvas skies
And makes of my mosaics
These words that I poeticize.
And yet I have no words
For the beauty still eluding,
As it traipses through my mind
And leaves me lost and brooding.
You swim in me as life.
You live in me as love,
And these hands keep shaking.


Go Letting Meditation, Rainbows,

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