There is a faint whisper
Clinging to the sight
Of a radiant arcane maiden
Belonging to the night
I posed a lingering question
With hands that reached the moon
To erase the silver specks
That sung a haunting tune
“Shall I be consumed
In craving beyond choice?
I am blissful when submerged
In the beauty of her voice”
But who befriends the night
And loves the darkened cell?
I am but the shadow
Of my fading former hell
Concealed in the cover
Of expansive canvas trees
I sent to her the means
To navigate the breeze
And upward climbed the palm
To reveal an ivory wrist
The mouth that breathed the words
The lips I’ve fondly missed
The heavens pulsed with life
As I flickered through the skies
Delirious by the distance
From the beauty in her eyes
Alone - I am unwell
How could this transpire?
How did I map this maze
By her melodious lyre?
I’ll restrain myself between
An elemental fire
To deliver all the words
Which ruin me with desire
Many years I slumbered
From an unrequited gaze
And now I am restored
To set myself ablaze
What a sadistic companion -
The darkness that is night
For here I am again
With none to hear my plight
I’ll be waiting, I’ll be watchful
A stranger as she calls
To provoke me through the motions
To reach beyond these walls
And perhaps it will be tangible
The moonlit film encasing
The heart of such ideas
The depths that I am chasing
The scent of such an hour
Unfolding as a rose
As I become the night
My eyes begin to close
To hide myself away
Clinging to the sight
Of a radiant arcane maiden
Belonging to the night


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