The flowing waters of Eros
Traversed the infinite space
Where cold and stoic I lingered
Far from warmth’s embrace
Slowly, thus intrigued,
Approached the seeming cause
Of my dismantling
Without a care or pause
She walked amongst the field
And knelt beside this river
To quell a ravenous thirst
And to her lips deliver
A taste of such consumption
The fruit of that forbidden
A world that is but dark
When from her eyes is hidden
Yet did I behold in you
A tempting trail of thought?
What is it that bewilders me?
This heart unraveled and fraught
And when is time to cease?
For thus I know not how
Consume, devour, and exhaust me
In the forever that is now
And cast me as a star
Amidst the celestial sphere
To be a light that guides you
Until I disappear
To be a river within you
That pulses through your veins
Quivering with calidity
Lost in your refrains
For the flowing waters of Eros
Traversed the infinite space
And life was lived anew
When I beheld her face


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