It’s like gravity.
I feel its seductive pull
Toward an undeniable center.
See now how it lives in you, too?
Its brightness lessens my attention
On what formulation of thought
Could become communication.  
Ideas leave not their source.
Look into my eyes.
See infinite leagues across an
Iris of oceanic expression
And watch as it spills like the dawn
Through the window of my mind.
I quiver in euphoric delight
As I discover you discovering me;
As you watch me losing the breath
Imprisoned in my lungs
So that it may be abundantly renewed
As I dance inside the vertigo of your presence.
It’s like gravity.
A bridge still lingers between.
I pace along its edges
Gazing at the chasm below.
How fast and far I would fall…
A glance;
A word;
A piercing gaze;
A sentence…
I step upon its precipice
Waiting to see if you sever the ties.
It’s like gravity.
It carries me through the eye of the storm
Reminding me what is real.
Reminding me what is not.
Teaching me to love abstractly
As I sense the cascading barriers
Flooding the passage of our opening hearts.
We are laughing and letting go.
We are letting go and laughing.
We are hushed in our desire.
And maybe it is the absence,
These drifting continents
Reuniting endlessly,
That stronger melds our paths together.
Why are you so familiar?
It’s like gravity.
There is timelessness in your eyes.
One becoming One.
A moment snapped in place
As I traversed every fiber in you;
Every fiber of what it is reminding us
That we only seemed to forget.
I seek in you what has never ceased to exist.
Love holds this in our minds.
It’s like gravity.
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