Away from my body,
Exiting the mental noise.
I observe the feathered edge of light
Surrounding these form-bearing objects.
What is the meaning of meaning?
The stem-held nerve endings sway
In oceanic currents,
Absorbing the shock of intensity
From every passing particle.
Filtering in the opening chasms
Endlessly flowing inside my heart.
I am losing myself within you;
Shooting through the iridescent tunnel
Of this hypnotic gaze,
Drunken by the colored rush
Upon the lips of want.
I sense an approaching severance.
Waiting in the unseen frequency,
Seeing you not seeing me…
The years of endless thoughts…
Oh, she who passes
Through this widened, timeless channel,
Mark me with an ancient message.
All is becoming poetry.
Teetering between two realms,
A gentle strength tethers me to bordered lines.
So that I may see what is before me;
So that I may choose to step aside
And let an endless love
Breathe life upon the lifeless.
The silhouette behind the door
Reveals to me my own shadow;
Reveals to me the locationless space
I feel when I’m with you.
Sensitized silence follows knowing.
I become quieter as I view a growing clarity.
I must unlearn what I taught myself since.
I am dreaming you.
I am dreaming me.
We are bound in our reality.
Arriving at the crossing trajectory
Of our orbital paths,
Another passerby in a growing chronicle.
Another tale of collected memories
To build its frame for another.
May the listener listen.
All is becoming poetry.
Letting go of my notions,
Pouring forth in infinite oceans
These unending depths of emotions;
Spilling and spilling and spilling.
Another moment in this silence, killing.
Holding the corners of my smile with
Its anchored force.
It will not sleep within.
No dormancy, no waiting,
No more anticipating.
I must mention this to you.
All is becoming poetry.

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