A recurring provocation
Submerges me in her amaranthine depths.
Navigating the abyssal plane;
Bracing myself, pacing myself;
Drifting inside her nebulosity.
Gazing into the tide of night
To disrobe an enigmatic truth.
Smoldering in my silence
While a rush ignites
A glance that requites
An intimated laughter.
Pulsing through my trembling limbs,
Onward she travels, deeper she swims
Just to begin again thereafter.    
Falling into the spectral sky
That passes through her knowing eye;
Humbled by untouched contention
That lingers in complete suspension.
She will live inside a poet’s lore -
To be loved now, and forevermore.

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Sparkle Poetics
over 6 years

Thank you :)

Cory Garcia
over 6 years

Wonderfully passionate

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