There are Days

There are days when time is king
And you are but a pawn
When birds refuse to sing
And suns refuse to dawn
There are days to deeply feel
The cadence of the rain
What patterns would reveal
Of constant joy and pain
Days that pierce the mind
With some enchanting clarity
Days that we shall find
Some beaming cosmic rarity
There are days which slowly burn
Like a patient, licking flame
And days in which you learn
Of that which has no name
There are days that love will reign
And haunt you with desire
Days to spend in silent plains
And let your thoughts transpire
Days that we personify wind
And gentle streams of laughter
And days when we but calmly send
A loving thought thereafter
There are days when breaks in voices
Seem like a glitch in the system
Days that deliver choices
Without a way to resist them
And days in which a mirror
Reflects a kindred mind
Where moments become clearer
When tethered fates aligned
Days when shadows dance
Like sparrows in the sky
Days that by some chance
Have simply gone awry
Days with brief gazes
Into a stranger’s eyes
With labyrinths of mazes
And chasms of surprise
And days without reasons
For the beauty they contain
That linger through the seasons
And in your heart remain
And then our days will dissipate
Like time was but a dream
And all that we anticipate
Is more than we now seem


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