It's just for laughs...

Her reaction to the news quite emotional
But others would have said simply irrational
     For hours and hours, she cried
     Cursed at those by her side
And soon enough she became confrontational!
He was found dead, slumped in a confessional
Yes, he’s Catholic but only occasional
     No weapon has been found
     In his head just one round
And a suicide note in a devotional
The news of his untimely death went national
It’s a mystery that has gone sensational
     ’Twas ruled a homicide
     Not by himself he died
The search for a killer was international
She’s prime suspect, that’s why she’s confrontational
Cops used a method proven unconventional
     Soon they found her boyfriend
     Who babbled to no end
His millions she wanted, her vows just notional
So, thirty years, her life’s been institutional
And then she’s released, but it was probational
     If her lover had a brain
     Left the gun, where he’s slain
Spending his millions would’ve been sensational!
©Vic A Evora


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Robert L. Martin
almost 3 years

Good story

almost 3 years

Thank you Robert

Nelson D Reyes
almost 3 years

Fantasticallysional! Love it! Nothing like a good short-short mysteriousional murder case that's gone commotional.
Thanks Brod.

almost 3 years

I thought of calling it "Murder in the Cathedral" but I think that title has been taken. LOL... Thanks for liking!

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