a deafening silence
yet she hears a heartbeat
from a great distance,
a doe trying to be discreet.
she scanned the horizon
not a creature in sight
not a naiad nor a siren
not an elf nor a sprite.
she’s alone in the forest
so it may appear;
an unwilling tourist,
she cares not to be here.
but run away she must
for the world’s suffocating,
it’s merciless and unjust!
she must! to stay a human being…
in the woods she must stay
to find herself again…
may take a few hours, or a day
to subjugate the pain -
away from all and everything,
alone to unclutter her thoughts
while far away from feeling
and all emotional onslaughts.
the still air is perfect
the tranquility is welcome
her mind’s at peace to reflect
what her life could become…
yes, it’s a comfortable silence
and she hears but a heartbeat
from a near distance,
her own heart unburdening a secret
© Vic A Evora...


The relative quiet of the woods is always welcome in times of difficulties, anxiety and stress. There are sounds in the woods, for sure, but they are more comforting to the soul...

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