A summer day; pleasant morning at the beach
The tide was out for miles, the ocean serene
He built what only his imagination could reach
A grandiose castle! But sadly, the tide rolled in
He watched as wave after wave crashed ashore
And lamented as the sand castle he created
A moat, a drawbridge and lookout towers
Slowly wiped out, and mercilessly obliterated
Waves swept it all, soon no one could even tell
Except for a few pebbles and sea shells
Adorning the walls and towers of the citadel
He had built; forever lost in the ocean swells
Reflecting on his own life, he sat motionless
Pensive, perturbed that what he’s accomplished
Will be just as transient, rendered meaningless
His goals and dreams, as if left unfinished
He wondered silently if the acclaim will endure
Will friendships remain when his faculties fade?
Will anyone be around? oh, he can ne’er be sure
Cast aside will he be, abandoned in the shade?
Will there be sea shells, when the mind goes?
Perhaps a few pebbles, reminders of who he was
Will there be an epitaph, in poetry or prose?
Even if he hears it not, will there be applause?
Such is the price of the promised immortality
Dust he must be, at the end of his earthly stroll
Wealth, fame he leaves behind; more so vanity
And he takes nothing with him, except his soul!
© Vic A Evora


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Parker Jennings
about 2 years

Great reflection of time and of legacy. You have a distinct voice in your writings that I can identify every time I read your works. Well done Vic, I will read your writings after you have gone

about 2 years

@Parker Jennings: Thank you Parker.

Nelson D Reyes
over 2 years

I’ll be snug as a bug wherever my soul takes me next, immortal as I believe our souls are.
Lucky that I am the castle, the refuge my soul had taken from all nature had spread before him. And when the drawbridge is lowered my soul will find its way to wherever he chooses.
Like. Thank you Brod.

over 2 years

@Nelson D Reyes: Thanks for liking Brod.

This poem is a more personal perspective of the old-age question I explored in an earlier poem.

Robert L. Martin
over 2 years

So many different beliefs get so many people confused about the hereafter. Why worry? What happens happens.

over 2 years

@Robert L. Martin: Not everyone is amazingly COOL like you. Others worry.

Barb Clarke
over 2 years

and on to the next journey as a soul! Nice poem VIC

over 2 years

@Barb Clarke: Thanks so much Barb

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