Memories of my visit few years ago
To the otherworldly Grand Canyon

Beads glistened down his bare arms
As he walked eastward, towards the sun,
Its rays just the warmth he needed
On this chilly morning; autumn has begun
And it’s summer’s last hurrah before
The cold spell starts its long run!
Mid-morning, he reached the canyon’s rim;
Over the edge he stared down the abyss,
At the chasm’s walls; rust-colored rocks
That the early morning sun gently kissed;
And he gazed at the gigantic gorge crafted
By an almighty with such a powerful fist!
Awe-struck he stood, the sheer magnitude
Of the monumental rift in the earth’s crust
Even the mid-day sun reaches not its floor...
Its barren beauty, the stuff of fairy dust!
Timidly he leaned over the stony ledge, and
Looked down; hoping his senses he can trust
Down below the orange-red and ochre walls
A mighty river flows towards a sea unseen
White-water on rapids; it snakes through
Ancient water-carved rocks; staying between
Towering cliffs, winding for miles and miles
Until the earth meets the heavens serene!
And then he gazed at the plateau around him
An otherworldly scene takes his breath away
Its stark and barren beauty, clean and pure
The air fresh, undiluted, no sign of decay
Unlike the urban jungle from whence he came
Where any measure of filth ever on display!
© Vic Evora


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Charlotte B. Williams
3 months


3 months

Thank you Charlotte. Great to see you here.

Robert L. Martin
3 months

I loved your description of the Grand Canyon. It was like I was there with you.

3 months

Thanks Robert.

Nelson D Reyes
3 months

Love the 3rd person POV. Indeed the mighty Colorado River sacrificed its life sustaining water to sculpt this wonder of wonders rock scape now glistening in magnificent colors responding to the Sun’s whimsical play of lights.

Beautiful framing of this one “7 Wonders” of the world, Brod. Thanks. Like.

3 months

Thank you Brod.

Yes, it is one of the seven wonders I think. Amazing how water over millennium carved this beautiful work of art. I'm sure it was with the help of the Almighty.

I wish I can have the opportunity to see the Iguazu Falls in Argentina-Brazil and the Angel Falls in Venezuela. But with the pandemic and the political situation in Venezuela - those two will probably stay in my bucket list.

I have a poem here somewhere about the Niagara Falls as well.

Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
3 months

@Vic: @Vic: And the one in Africa, ? Victoria Falls. Heard so much about it being a must see before you grow wings on your back.

3 months

@Nelson: Yes!!!

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