To My Hero

Everyone has his or her Hero
Some are from movies, comics or real life
I would like to tell you about my Hero
He is my Hero because he is always there for me.
He has been my constant no matter what
He is Great man, and an Honest one too
If I need anything be it help or just to talk
It is he who I can count on.
He has watched me go from being okay
To being depressed and so sad
He watches the pain I’m in and asks why her?
She’s done nothing but good.
Who is my Hero? It is my Wonderful Son
He looks up to me and tells me what a great Mom I am
Tells me I raised him with love and unselfishness
Praises me and just wants nothing but good to come my way.
But I look up to him and Bless the day he was born
Thank You my dearest son, you are so good
You never turned your back on me like the others
You are my True Hero, I Love You so much.



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