This Monster Won't Ever Let This End

My life is not my own, no matter how I try
When does it end? How do I not cry?
This monster keeps rearing it’s ugly head
I should be free, but “It” jails me instead.  
Every time I have a happy or wonderful day
“It”calls on the phone and always has something to say
Almost like this monster knows just when to strike
This is killing me very much too my dislike.
Almost six years of this constant abuse
Courts allow this monster to constantly accuse
I’m telling the truth, while “It’s” the one who lies
I’m being punished when “It” should be penalized.
Me and my values are trying to make a stand
What I can’t and won’t do is call “It” a man
“It’s” a coward and  a manipulator of the worst kind
“It” is my Ex who won’t allow me to have piece of mind.


My ex won't end this and just keeps taking me to court. Or calls on the phone to harass me. It seems every time I have a great day. Either I'm being summoned to court or he calls the very next day. All I want is for this all to end. While he wants to control me still and won't give in. Next time I'm summoned to court, I'm going to plead with this judge to end this once and for all. I can't move forward even though I certainly try. I even blocked his number, surprise there it is in full view. So answer I don't but I do record all his calls so the judge can see what he is doing. My only freedom is to have this finally end. Only then will I have the peace I deserve.
© Sandi Guidotti

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