Soon I will get to meet you for the very first time
I’ve seen your pictures, not sure if you’ve seen mine
I know your sister Bella and love her with all my heart
Hoping I’ll be your Nannee and you’ll love me from the start.
You’ve had a very rough start to your young life of 5 years
I can’t imagine what your thinking and all of your fears
Please know little Angel you’ll be in loving and very nurturing hands
Jen and Gary have so many beautiful and wonderful plans.
They would love to be your parents for the rest of their time
To keep you safe and have you with Bella would be sublime 
No harm would ever come to you most darling little child
It’s your time to just be a kid and play, have fun and go wild.
A home that you can live in and call your very own
A family who will love you and you’ll never be alone
Hopefully you’ll forget all your troubles from the past
We will be there as you grow up, but please don’t grow up to fast.
I am awaiting your arrival, each day longer than the day before
You my sweet child will hopefully be ours forever more
A huge family who loves each other and have room for one so sweet
Don’t worry there are many waiting for you Addy and soon we’ll meet.
I’m so glad you will be attending the wedding this August
It wouldn’t be fair for you not be there it’s definitely a must
Your new family will be gathering for such a wonderful event
I’m so grateful you’ll be there to witness Jen and Gary’s intent.
So Addy enjoy your stay and if you feel we are worthy and good
Please know that we will never hurt you, we never could
We would shower you with all the love and care you that you deserve
Hopefully the judge will agree and not throw in a curve.


Unfortunately Addy wasn't able to attend the wedding. She had to go home the day before. So we missed her so very much and prayed she would return to us. I am very glad to say even though there were hurdles and curves placed in Jen and Gary's way, they have won the fight. Addy is theirs. Life is good. Addy will be adopted a little before Thanksgiving in November. Miracles do happen, so never give up! Sandi.

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