"Happy Mother's Day" in "Heaven"

I didn’t see it coming
it hit me very hard.
One minute you were with me
the next you were gone.
My heart aches so very much
for you my Mother Dear.
I knew one day this would happen
It was one of my greatest fears.
I know you can’t be with me
on this your Special  Day.
I will always hold you near me
just a whisper away.
If  I could hold you once again
I’d never let you go.
So those of you who still have your Mom’s
give them an extra hug and kiss.
For one day they will not be there
And there will be no bliss.
Love you Mom,  your Daughter and Best Friend, Sandi OXOX

I wrote this on Mother's Day a month after my Dear Mother passed. She was my best friend and she was the greatest Mom to me and my siblings. Her eyes were a soft blue and they always twinkled. I miss her but I know she's out of pain. She passed April 1, 2003.  

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