Still.                       Silence.                  Calm.
Everything is on pause.
The world is thinking.
The deep breath before the storm.
The worst.              The worst.
is coming.               is here.
Numbness.          Nothingness.         Death.
What are sensations?
The birds chirp.
                             chirp. chirp. chirp.
I want to kill every one.
The sun rises.
A bright blinding light grows from
                            the trees.
It illuminates the world.
     For all to see.                   nowhere to hide.
scattered thoughts dance around me.
                                                 nowhere to hide.
A smack of Reality.
                                                 nowhere to hide.
The deep breath before the storm.
                                                 nowhere to hide.
                                                 nowhere to hide.
                                                 nowhere to hide.

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