All hell broke lose.
When you unchained that inner you.
that violence spilled out,
So untamed and wild...
All unleashed now.
Dropped the collar of society,
i thought you where my shield protecting me.
But in reality i was the Kings man,
pushing a battering ram into a battle field.
And you fell from a heaven that was never there,
A place so simple ad way too pure.
Blue as your eyes and clouded too....
While i rose from a deep dark sea,
Like the dark emotions that sometimes fill me.
My own grey eyes to hide the fact, i’m poison maybe i’m just built like that.
And just one moment in time,
Everything was going to finally be fine.
And then it went to shit.
Patching it up but we fall again to this!
And i can’t spit these angry words to your face!
But you are fucking lost to me.
Just out in open space.
See you with that blonde little girl I’ll be breaking her face.
And when you open those eyes i fall into each time i see you,
you shall finally see,
i pulled off my mask.
Broke the chains
I fucking thought i was free!!
You where meant to be....The knight saving me
But now its seems my blindness is cured... Shall i shut this door?
I just wanna slam it, and lock it.
Break up the only key, bury it deep in my pocket.
I just wanna know when the hell does this sickening bullshit love go!
Sometimes I just wanna give up this shitty living life...
A lot of times i wonder why the hell i agreed to be your wife.

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