In memory of Emily (emo- pronouched em-mo) Davis (blood)

Who am I....
to claim I know better?
Who am I to say I seen your face while everyone gathered in the kitchen
who is anyone?
to state you are looking down over us...
Saoirse went to hospital,
she was meant to fly back home early the next morning but you knew nana.
You helped ease her pain,
helped to cool her fever.
Helping to keep her safe,
to fly home another day cradled by her mam and dad.
You where there in the room with Emily and Shannon kissing them goodnight
telling them it will be alright you are around them each day... each night
That little yorkie on the bus,
he jumped over a seat to reach me,
and my mam claims it was you.
You always loved them dogs its true.
You got Sean to hospital pushing and pressing us to see something was wrong.
his throat nan, you’d always say he ate to fast and he’d choke.
Now hes only out of surgery to open up his tiny throat which was an emergency.
You place your hand on everyone’s back including the love of my life
one day nana i’ll be his wife.
You pat him on his head making sure he sleeps in his bed safe and sound
I’m glad he has you around.
You are our Gaurdian angel,
and though I fear the voices the visions I sometimes see I know its you there.
Our star shining so brightly
“fear the living not the dead” you would say so rightly.
I love you so dearly nana
We love you i hope it shows clearly nana
No matter who we are,
what we are!
Anyone can see
you’re there
minding more then we can even see
Nan you where always an angel to me.

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