You say sorry
Just another show
Of how messed up your mind is
Like I didn’t already know
Three times I’ve taken you back
Hurt me killing me picking drugs too blinded by this “love”
Can’t I learn can’t I see
This heart of mine beats and breaks for you ....what do you do ta me.
This mind works overtime, body aching for you.
Yet you don’t know how much you cut me...
Deep down to the bone.
Don’t ya love me?
Cause I can bandage most of my injuries but this heart won’t bandage up quite right.
For every time you leave,
It gives up a little of itself from the fight.
I can’t plaster over,
The frown you left me with.
All men can love me but I’ll feel empty...
Cause you fill me up,
My heart filled with love for a stupid fool like you, I grow angry hate from this love.
So bright and beaming for you
Baby I just can’t do...
This again
Hold on sane brain
Lust comes for most from the darkest part located deeper down then a heart.
I lusted from my brain after a man who works loves and won’t hurt me but its not you, not love, not the same.
But inside its only you I can see
Holding and loving me.
With this I’m sure ive done everything I’ve tried and failed.
What’s left to do?
Baby you got something to prove!

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