A Letter I Will Never Send (part four)


Dear Xiomara,

You aren’t real, yet you feel real to me. When I read about you I became so emotionally attached. I haven’t felt that way towards a character in a long time. The passion that you arose in me was beautiful. You kindled a fire in me that I didn’t know I needed. One that I didn’t realize was gone.

If you were real would we be friends? Would you enjoy who I am? Find comfort in me the way you did with Aman? When learning about you I feel like we could be... But that could just be wishful thinking. I know I would get along with Xavier.

You may be the person I have been wanting. The person I have been thinking I need. Hoping that you were here though is stupid and immature. Holding on to someone who will never exist is a waste of time. Keeping this emotional connection will always only hurt me.

Character is from a young adult book- The Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo.

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