Emotional Reck

most people have that one person that they thought would be they lover and end up to be nothing. know one can controll there feelings it just something that comes alone with life.

They hold heavy inside.
but i cant let them take my pride.
i try my best to keep a smile, but thinking bout you gets me down
i always wonder why i seem to not get over you,
i know its not the things you do.
i know its not because you there, have so many women no one would think you cared.
but then again who told me to catch them things,
you was just being sweet to me
i guess its all my fault, the thing that got me, i guess you can say the feelings i caught
shouldnt thought of you outside a friend
now im looking to you to understand
i was stupid for letting my heart get this close
knowing theyre couldnt be more is what hurts me the most.
but this is how it got to be, wish i wasnt left alone in mu feelings
but sometimes its just something i got to do,
and i guess this one is getting over you.

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