he said he love her he said hell never leave,
then one day he left her and brung her to her knees.
it all started a year ago when she ask why he was out so late,
coming home one night when they where suppose to be on a date.
he just walked out and never return
she was thinking so hard her thoughts started to burn
she texted and called and even went by his job
he wasnt there at all she went home to sob
she thought to herself what she could of did wrong
asking was it something she said, maybe something at the moment she had on
months latter she found a place in her mind she was happy, when everything was okay
then she recieved a letter in the mail one day
it read dear love im sorry i left
i wasn’t ready and its better for me to be by myself
i left you alone and im sorry i wish i could told you
but leaving enough was already hard at night when i couldn’t hold you
it wasn’t a right way to say it i looked at you and couldnt speak
i had to turn and walk away kuz with my blink it was a tear
and i didn’t know how things would appear
i knew you would of beg me to stay
so i had to just walk away
but now im ready, my heart is steady and if you want a man
ill ride stay by your side if you give me your hand

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almost 8 years

what a ride of heart ache.


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