god told me he loves me, that ll hell stay by my side
that as long as i believe him, and let him be my guide
god said he wouldnt hurt me he said itll be ok
he said hes watching and see my struggles and soon it will go away
he didnt pormise me it would be easy,
but he promise me the strength to get through
and i made it this far my  god thats why i love you
my god said just trust him, that, that is a must
he said never betrayed him and to give him all my trust
my god, my god, my god, want let me down
for at my worse i know my god is still around
and he lays right in my heart and he open up my eyes
life is a pain but soon i will get my prise
so god oh mighty i would not do you wrong
because i know you want ever leave me alone

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Danny MF'n Stone
about 8 years

I like it, should maybe just clean up some spelling errors. Kind of takes away from it, not judging.


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