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One heart

You’re holding me tight,
Looking into my eye.
Think this is it,
This is how I wanna die.
You make me promises
with those lips I adore.
Bodies intertwined,
Our clothes on the floor.
There’s no one quite like us,
None will ever know.
How I’ve built you up,
How you’ve seen me grow.
I look into your soul,
Thank God, you’re mine.
I promise to be,
Forever thine.
The both of us,
We’re fragile, we’re young.
We’re singing love songs,
That remain unsung.
Something in the air,
It keeps me sane.
You washed away my sorrows,
Took away the pain.
I feel forces trying
to tear us apart.
They can’t touch us.
We’re one, one heart.

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