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A Hidden Heart


Sometimes its hard to hide some things,
That inside we truly feel,
And if it becomes vital to pretend,
What things then are real,
If you care for a person,
Consider them a friend and more,
If you must hide how you feel,
What changes are in store.
When caring comes from somewhere within,
And not from our cluttered minds,
The heart somehow is reaching out,
Though scared what it might find,
Our minds add insecurities,
To something real and something pure,
And of the emotions inside the heart,
We never need be unsure.
These days so much is complicated,
But I ask the question Why,
If we subdue our thoughts and dreams,
Will happiness become a lie,
If we listen to our hearts,
Our path though faint is clear,
Of all the things we listen to,
It should be our hearts we hear.
We may even want to run and hide,
But what good does that do,
The issue’s what we keep inside,
And how I really feel about you,
Every day we hide our hearts,
And listen to our minds,
Is a day with its tomorrow gone,
While lost dreams are what we find.
I may have to hide my feelings,
Keep silent of what I feel,
But these are things held in this heart,
And they’re something time cant steal,
Though it might be hidden,
It’s just like some buried seed,
With warmth and a little water,
It becomes that flower that we need.
A dam may hold back water,
And a smile might hide our pain,
Something already held in the heart,
Is a thing we need not regain,
Let those things inside the heart,
Love and stay alive,
Tomorrow could bring a dream come true,
And we’ll be ready when it arrives.

July 10th,2016

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